Spanish boys only want blowjobs

Okay guys welcome! I wasn’t sure where to begin so I thought why not start with my most recent adventure and backtrack from there…

So recently I’ve been in Spain for the summer and a little personal goal was to get myself some dick whilst I was over there. So of course I turned to trusty tinder to try to get myself a lad for a night. I found a few options which I’ll chat about briefly. The first guy was pretty fit and wanted a shag, unfortunately he lived a bit too far for me. I mean it’s not worth a 50 minute bus ride for some dick that may or may not be any good. So despite whatsapping this guy a fair amount whilst out there I never did meet up with him because laziness trumps sex for me tbh. Also he offered to pick  me up and seemed very resistant to meeting in town first which seemed a bit dodgy to me. Second guy after a bit of talking was a no go. Basically he seemed to be a bit of a creeper and wanted me to meet him  in town to suck him off and give me nothing back, not going to lie to you guys I considered it, I was discussing pros and cons with a friend, but I decided to respect myself and make sure I get something back (there’s a story here that I’ll have to write about, involves a Spaniard and an underground car park) any one on the getting something back note… I’ll move onto the spanish dick I did obtain.

So Juepincho is Thursdays where I was in Spain and its a bit of food and a beer for 2 euros and it was my last week and i got drunk and I decided to complete the mission. Got on tinder found a guy, convinced him to meet me and off i trotted at like 1am to meet him. We wandered to a bit to try to find a bar or something but nothing was open and it was super awkward, we were in the neighbourhood we both lived in and we were like oh this is awkward and he was like so what do you want to do and I was like go home I guess I’m working tomorrow morning and then he was like well you can come to mine for a bit if you want. So I did. I shared my location with my friends in the group chat incase I got stolen and followed this guy to his flat. It was awkward at first but then when we got in the lift up to his flat it begun. He started kissing me and fondling my boobs. I was drunk and keen so I was pretty content, happily gave his boner a bit of a rub then when we got to his flat had an awkward chat whilst he sort of hid his crap in his bedroom and shut the door. We were stood in his living room. We carried on kissing. He took of my top, undid my bra and pulled me towards him by my nips. I was getting pretty turned on tbh, he got naked and sat on the sofa and I got on my knees and started to suck his dick. In my head I was thinking that I’m glad he took the time to have a shower before he met me even though it made him a bit later. He told me I suck well, in my drunken confidence I was just like yeah I know I do and carried on. He was a bit of a head pusher but I’m not as fussed by that as I used to be, now I kind of enjoy the forcefulness of someone taking control. He stood up and walked around me until he was stood behind me, he pulled down my shorts and pushed me forwards  so my hands were on the sofa and he tried to put his dick in. I had to guide into the right hole but once he was in he went for it. But then he stopped and said how about you suck me off a little bit more then I’ll put a condom on and carry on fucking you. This is where I fucked up. should have learnt from past experiences and just said no fuck me now and it would have been sound but I didn’t and I started sucking his dick again, and tiled floors hurt bare knees. Any of course he came… I suck well. So he pulled out and came on my chest. Then still I thought maybe he’d get ready and there would be a round 2. Obviously not, he was ‘too hot’ and I was just naked and sweaty in his living room in desperate need of some sex. in the end I just left with nothing, and the rude prick didnt even come down in the lift with me! But never mind. I shall learn from my mistakes and get what I need before I carry on sucking dick.